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      Laurel Strand---Testimonials  
      "Laurel, you breathe Life into the Properties you List!"
Chet Gohd, Branch Mgr. RPM Mortgage, Berkeley

                                           26 DRAKE LANE, MONTCLAIR

              Laurel sold our home sold in 2014.  For the last 25 years, we thoroughly enjoyed living at 26 Drake Lane in Montclair. Due to an unexpected work opportunity, we decided at the end of last year to sell our home and move to Hawaii.
              We were familiar with Laurel Strand through her local advertising and periodic mailers. We had never met her, but after a referral from a friend and one meeting, we selected her to represent us in selling our home.
              Our property was on the market for approximately two weeks. We had multiple offers and the house sold for more than we had hoped. That alone would make many people happy with their realtor/broker. Our positive experience with Laurel far exceeded a successful property and financial transaction. We unequivocally recommend Laurel to you for many reasons:
She is patient and understanding. Laurel was willing to explain anything and everything to us.

  • Laurel lives and works in Montclair. Having someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable about our neighborhood and the idiosyncrasies of our local micro-market proved invaluable. She knew pros/cons of other properties that were currently listed, those that had recently sold, and how our home compared.

  • She understands what buyers considering the Montclair area are most interested in. She knew how to best market the attributes specific to our property.

  • She is detail oriented, yet practical. She helped us select granite, fixtures, paint colors, and other improvements. At all times, she could share from her experience what buyers are most interested in. 

  • Laurel brings an outstanding supporting cast—the water color artist, the stagers, the photographer, and the even the printer. Together, they made the property look amazing and the advertising materials reflected it.

  • Business acumen. Although we had multiple solid offers, Laurel successfully guided us through a maze of potential pitfalls, delivering a successful sale while treating all parties with courtesy and professionalism.

           Selling our beloved home was very stressful, particularly for Cynthia who remained in California during the packing, moving, subsequent house preparation and sale.  Laurel was always supportive, good natured and a pleasure to work with. We recommend her to you without reservation.                                 
                                   Aloha & our very best wishes, Jon and Cynthia Toyoda


              Laurel Strand really knows her business! She definitely steered us in the right direction and the sale of our house was quick and as smooth as could be. All the individuals she recommended to help prepare the house for the sale were stellar, honest, and efficient. She worked tirelessly and steadfastly and we couldn't be happier with the results of this sale. Once again, we appreciate all that you did. 

Sincerely, Michele and Alan 

                                                  18 Conrad Court, Montclair

               Laurel took the challenge of selling my mom's house as if it were her own personal sale.  My mom, having been 97 when she passed away last year had accumulated a multitude of "personal effects" of which one was the home she had lived in most of her life.  Laurel took to task the whole process of marketing the house as "Sound but in need of some TLC", she  subsequently enlisted a clean-up committee to prepare the house for sale.  After diligently making the necessary arrangements and manpower to bring the house up to "curb appeal" she continued forward in marketing the premises to the best outcome in an expedient sale.  My husband Chuck and I would like to extend a very well deserved "Thank You" for all of your hard work and perseverance. Thank you Laurel, Cindy and Chuck 


                                 7001 Exeter Drive, Montclair

             “The preparation for and actual sale of 7001 Exeter was a
difficult and challenging project, to say the least.  David and I were
first time sellers of  a home that had raised 4 children, and cared for
two elderly parents and two dogs.  Since it was over 4,000 square feet, we
were dealing with a very large scope of work to update, remodel, clean and stage in just a few short months. 

           Laurel was incredibly supportive throughout all phases of the project not just because of her expertise and resources in all areas of  residential real estate, but because she was basically available 24/7 and was able to keep us on track despite juggling sales of several other homes. 
          She was so attentive, it felt like ours was the only house she was selling.   Since we were ‘newbies’ we had to rely on her savvy and professionalism and most importantly trust her recommendations. 
It all worked out wonderfully at the end and we are quite grateful to her for guiding us all along the way.   We love Cutie too!  
Thanks, Laurel.  We will never forget our journey together with you!”   Corinne Jan, RN, PHN, Chief Executive Officer, Family Bridges, Inc.,,510-839-2270 ex 201 
4464 Reinhardt Drive, Oakland
Thank you Laurel ---you and your team did an amazing job with the staging! It looks beautiful and barely recognizable as the place we used to live in. Really gorgeous photos. Hindatu and Michael


2115 Magellan Drive
We could not be happier with the services and guidance provided by Laurel. She is a fantastic marketer and knows the Montclair market inside and out. Laurel has a great talent for showcasing the features of your home that buyers are looking for and making them shine.We appreciated her help through the process
of getting our home on the market fast.

She started off with a calendar of tasks; we knew what we had to do each step of the way. Her wonderful network of trade’s people was a time saver and each one did a fantastic job (at reasonable prices). They all come running when she calls or you use her name. Laurel’s daily encouraging emails also kept us updated and on schedule. 

We knew we were hiring a real estate expert when we signed on with Laurel. Our
house sold in two weeks with 12 offers, well over asking!

Thank you Laurel for your hard work and keeping us informed and updated through the whole process, Carolyn and Sam Burd 

2121 Drake Drive, Montclair

      Laurel did a great job!  My house sold within a week, substantially above the asking price.  She knows the Montclair market inside and out, and understands how to use the dynamics of price and presentation to best advantage.

Laurel is also a pleasure to work with.  She works hard to meet your individual needs.  I moved out of my house ahead of getting it ready to sell, and I was happy and confident to leave the house and the arrangements in her hands. I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you, Laura Tyler
  6927 Saroni Drive, Montclair

Hi Laurel, We both wanted to thank you for your wonderful service
and effort that resulted in the successful selling of our home at a price that exceeded our expectations. But first we want to express our gratitude to you for procuring a renter for our home when we had previously decided that we would lease it instead of putting it on the market. It worked out very well for us and we were very happy with the quality of our tenant. When the house did go on the market, there were repairs that needed to be made and a narrow time frame to sell the house. The communication was always upfront and timely and we always felt that you had our best interests at heart. We feel that the sale resulted in a blessing for all concerned. Thanks for your excellent, professional help and for shepherding us through the process.  Best, Steve and Joan   

     8075 Skyline Boulevard,Montclair & 1549 Rockledge,Rossmoor

Hi Laurel – Thank you so much for your efforts. Things couldn’t have worked out better in selling our Montclair home and purchasing our Rossmoor condo. This wouldn’t have happened without your consummate  professionalism and competence.
Thanks again, Dieter and Anne.

                                         6075 Colton Boulevard, Montclair
              Laurel, I want to take this moment to thank you again for your wonderful and professional leadership and expertise in getting the Colton Blvd. property sold in such a short period of time. It helped in the selection process that I had known your skill level before this venture when you helped me years ago with thoughts and ideas about my mom's property.
      But in this most  recent case, your knowledge of the Montclair area, your efficacious use of modern technology to create interest and attract potential buyers, the creation of the "Virtual Tour" of the house (which showed the wonderful staging of the home), and the final touch, bringing the sale to completion made all the difference.  I and my brothers are deeply in debt to you for your extraordinary service to us.  Many thanks.  Rob Wonder

6555 Liggett Drive, Montclair
      I met Laurel Stand several years before I decided to sell my house. I had visited one of the homes she was selling near my street in Montclair, Oakland and was doing a "looky-loo". I had seen the place before she put it up for sale and noticed the transformation. I decided that when the time came, Laurel would be my agent. She knew what to do and had all kinds of tradesmen at her beck and call, ready to jump when she said jump.    When I decided to sell my house in 2011, I was thinking in 1 year and asked if she was interested in talking to me. She came by and offered very valuable advice to me regarding what to do, and what not to do, which was in my case not to spend money updating my fairly old kitchen. I told her that I was in favor of "staging." A few months later, I decided to move to somewhere in Rossmoor in Walnut Creek. She worked very hard finding me the perfect location in Rossmoor and I liked it so much that I decided to buy it right away and put my house on the market early. Laurel advised me every step of the way and I took her advice. The end result was that in a "down" market she, together with her very able stager, transformed my house in a couple of weeks while I concentrated on the outside garden.
    In this poor market (2011) she received 5 offers over the asking price and sold the house after showing it for only one week-end. Laurel's professionalism and experience give you, the seller, a real edge in any market. I recommend her without hesitation and I have held a Real Estate license myself.      Sincerely, David L. Moore
 9253 Skyline Boulevard, Piedmont Pines
 Listing our house for sale with Laurel Strand was a great decision!  We were in contract with our buyers a week after our house hit MLS, and closed escrow not quite three weeks after that.  It would be hard to overstate the value of Laurel's extensive professional network and marketing expertise.  We trusted her advice throughout the process, and we are thrilled with the end result.  Jason & Kristen Vann

Shelterwood Drive, Montclair
         We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Laurel for helping us sell our house on Shelterwood Drive. This was a house that had previously been listed with another agent, but had gone three months without any offers. It had stagnated on the market despite a couple of price reductions. All of this did not phase Laurel, however.....She was very confident about being able to sell the house quickly once it was relisted with her. We trusted her judgment, so we signed on with her. Lo and behold, the house was in pending status after five days of being placed back on the market! In fact we received a couple of competing offers, which had seemed inconceivable just a short while ago. Thanks to Laurel’s savvy negotiating skills, the entire transaction process went very smoothly. We are eternally grateful to Laurel, and would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is thinking about selling their house in Montclair."Glenda Chang & Alan Poon
Ridgewood Way, Montclair
"I needed to sell my home in the Montclair District.  Fortunately, we have a Real Estate Agent right in our neighborhood--Laurel Strand.  She is good.  She knows the rules and regulations, is pleasant to work with, and gets results.  I can recommend her highly."  Kathi Mosle, founder of well-known company in California.

12055 Broadway Terrace, Montclair 
"I am not new to real estate; I have purchased and sold three homes.  When it came time to sell my 4th home, I chose Laurel Strand.  Laurel is a Montclair specialist, well-known in the area and has a high level of knowledge and expertise.  We were selling in a difficult real estate market and felt Laurel would get the job done. 
       Throughout the transaction Laurel was engaged, thorough and made the process easy for me.  I was amazed that we sold the house in 10-days.  Laurel exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend her." 
Nancy Rowland, Northwestern Mutual, San Francisco. (Phone number available upon request

6299 Skyline Boulevard, Montclair
       "Knowing we would be selling our home in a few years, we started paying very close attention to the Realtors in Montclair.  It quickly became clear that Laurel Strand stood out as extremely successful.  Her marketing campaign was consistent, making her name recognition outstanding.  We attended a couple of her open houses and she was very focused.  Our concern was that she would think she was all that & more--and would we be able to feel comfortable with her as our agent? We interviewed 2 other agents and it was hands-down.  She was the one for us.  She was warm, caring and the ultimate professional.  Throughout a difficult market, and a series of unanticipated dilemmas, she was there & had answers with the experts.  The home took longer than expected to sell but, most importantly, we understood Why. After the sale, Laurel really stepped up to the plate helping us with our huge estate sale, walking us completely through all aspects & details.  We have experienced many Realtors during our lives of home buying & selling, Laurel is in a class of her own!"   Virginia Powers Dobrei.P.H.R., Vice President/Recruiting Manager (phone number available upon request) 

Purchase of 4436 Turner Avenue & Sale of 5851 Snake Road, Montclair
       "I began to notice Laurel Strands attention to detail and professionalism as a resident of Montclair where I received her notices about homes for sale in the area.  I was impressed by the lovely watercolor paintings of the homes, and the manner in which they were staged.  Prior to the sale of my home, I consulted with several Realtors, and time and time again, came back to Laurel who had extensive knowledge of the Montclair area.  She met with me and presented a package reviewing all aspects of selling my home.  
          A few months later, in the fall of 2007, I unexpectedly found a home I wanted to purchase and immediately thought of Laurel.  She skillfully negotiated the purchase of my new home, while at the same time preparing my home for sale.  This included pre-sale inspections and preparation to get the best price possible.  Laurel left nothing to chance, was upfront, and honest.  Issues with my home were identified prior to selling so repairs/upgrades could be done to eliminate potential issues coming up that would impact the marketing & sale of my home. 
          What I took to be a cyclic downturn in real estate turned out to be the beginning of the worst recession since the 1930s. 
           It was during this time my home was put on the Market--Spring of 2008.  There were daily reports on the news of declining home values...It was truly a stressful time.  Laurel responded like a true professional. She focused on the marketing and sale of my home.  She was fearless and without doubt.  Within the first 3 weeks, I received an offer and sold my home in a timely manner. 
          As I think about this in retrospect, I realize that having Laurel Strand to guide me through not 1 but 2 real estate transactions during the beginning of the recession assured me of success.  This was one of the most difficult real estate markets I had ever experienced. 
          Laurel Strand with her experience, knowledge and resources was the primary factor for the successful sale of my home.  You may call me anytime. "  Willie O. Hunt (phone number available upon request)

5863 Snake Road, Montclair
     "Don & I were so impressed with your presentation, ideas, & ability to take charge & get things done within our 2-week timeframe.  We interviewed 6 Agents from Montclair & are so happy we selected you.  Most instrumental, you came to our interview prepared but went above & beyond the call of duty as you brought your resources to the table so we knew we were not left in the dark at any time.  You may have any prospective clients call us at any time."  Don & Susan Wong (Phone number available upon request) 

8085 Skyline Blvd. , Montclair
     "Laurel---You have been such a tremendous partner to us during the entire process.   In 7-mo., you assisted us throughout the transition into our new apartment.  You brought your amazing marketing team to inspect, clear, refurbish & stage our home of 50-years.  You sold it within 2-weeks,at a great price to a fabulous person!    Please feel free to have any prospective clients call us"  George & Ann Coope (Phone number available upon   request)

6743 Heather Ridge, Montclair 
     "Laurel - Ralph & I can not thank you enough for what you did in the sale of our home.  You brought us an unexpected +$90,000+ over the price we could not get 2-months earlier with another Agent!! You closed in only 14-days & assisted us all-the-way.  You are the ultimate "Montclair" Realtor.  Feel free to give my numbr to any prospective Sellers or Buyers." Marleen McClatchy & Ralph Waterman (Phone number available upon request)

4224 Lincoln Ave., Oakland.  and 2617 Darnby Drive, Montclair 
     "4224 Lincoln Ave. was an investment property for us.  We knew what we needed in $.  We met  Laurel. She provided the ideas & information necessary for the improvements to market at our asking price.  We were blown-away at the sale price she brought.  Her professional marketing  team, skills & dedication brought us an amazing price---+$135,000 +over-asking!!  And so, we listed our home at  2617 Darnby Drive, Montclair, at $1,295,000  with Laurel.  (It had been previously listed with another Agent & did not sell)  Again, with Laurels Marketing Team, she sold it within 2-wks., over-asking.  Then, we referred her to our dear friend & colleague, Helen Jones of  2725 Prince Street, Berkeley!"  Terry & Karen Hardy, Portland Oregon

2725 Prince Street #3, Berkeley 
     "Laurel was referred by my good friends & colleagues, Terry & Karen Hardy. With Laurels marketing & staging team, within 13-days, she sold my condo for +$65,000 + over asking ( no-contingenies & 21-day COE).... Best of all, I remained in Oregon!  She scheduled & obtained all termite reports, inspections, staging , marketing, showings, negotiated offers,escrow & closing.... all while I remained in Portland , Oregon. She e-mailed or telephoned reports Daily!   I have never seen Laurel  & hope we meet one day. I am very impressed with her results!   Please feel free to call me about Laurel!"  Helen Jones of Portland, Oregon

9383 Skyline Boulevard, Montclair
     "We called Laurel through a referral as we wanted an Integrated Marketing & Staging Team. We interviewed 5 Top Agents.  We were blown-away by the product of Laurel Strand & her Team---the Marketing, Advertising & Contractors---all delivering results within a few-weeks!  Our home was on the market only 2-wks, and boom--Sold!  Richard & Dyan Beito. London, England (Phone number available upon request)

1925 Asilomar Drive, Montclair 
     "I want to thank you for all of your asistance in selling Dads home of  65-yr. for an unbelieveable price & to a wonderful family.  You conducted all the inspections & did all the renovation work with your Team  while we were at home in Sacramento.  We were delighted with the results! Call us anytime as a reference". Lestelle Nichols..........."Laurel, You should go to work for Donald Trump!"  Jim Nichols  (Phone number available upon request) 

5909 Almaden Lane, Montclair
      "Laurel, we selected you because of your marketing style, very impressive & upscale, compared to the competition.   After we met you, my wife cancelled our interviews with other Agents because you answered all of our questions & you brought us a plan that we thought you could execute within our own timeline.  Our round of applause to Marlene, the Stager Extraordinaire--and to you for bringing us top dollar! We have referred a dear friend to you & are glad to speak with any prospective Clients of yours."  Barney & Bobbe Eldridge  (Phone number available upon request)

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